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19th Annual
Walking for Dreams 2023

Thank you for supporting
Potter's Wheel!

THANK YOU to all who walked in the Walking for Dreams event!

A special thank you goes to all of the donors

who supported our efforts!

We are extremely grateful to have met and surpassed our original fundraising goal and will be able to announce our grand total in just a couple of weeks.


The good news is…we have until May 28th to collect any last-minute donations and to collect enough to gain an even higher match amount!

If you would like to financially support Potter’s Wheel,

now is the very best time to donate.

Every little bit helps!

Click the link below to donate directly to Potter's Wheel through our PayPal.

Donate HERE

Your giving help neighborhood families thrive in the

Goosetown, Tepe Park, Culver, and Glenwood neighborhoods of Evansville.

*$760 provides Peacemakers at Glenwood Leadership Academy for two weeks*

Peacemakers are Potter's Wheel employees who serve in

Glenwood Leadership Academy classrooms and in Potter's Wheel's Scholars Academy

(an after-school program that provides GLA kids with academic support and enrichment opportunities).

*$1800 provides a Home Visitor for 10 Baby Scholars families*

Baby Scholars is a program to help families learn brain development,

language, and literacy for birth – 4 years-old, and upon completion,

they earn a $500 college savings account for their child.

*$5000 provides seed money for 10 college savings accounts*

It's not too late to support Potter's Wheel! 

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