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Early Childhood

Baby Scholars

Become a scholar on all things baby/child related! If you have children ages 0-4 years of age, join us in this 8-week course to learn the tips and tricks to help your child get ahead of the curve. Graduate at the end of the class with new knowledge and a $500 college fund for your child. It's never too early to invest in our children's futures! 

Baby Bullpups bootcamp
summer 2023

Do you have a child that is going to be a kindergartner at GLA next school year? Enroll them in Baby Bullpups Bootcamp to make sure they are kindergarten ready! Kids will get a feel for what a school day will be like and will even get to tour GLA. 

want to help?

To volunteer with our Early Childhood programs, please call Erin or Kerra at

812-401-4440. Guest speakers and family mentors are welcome. 

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