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It is our vision at Potter's Wheel to

revive the neighborhood, one family at a time.

Your gift makes a difference.

Thank you!

what impact does my gift have?

     Give a gift of $225 to provide a child one week of safe transportation to PowerHouse

  • PowerHouse – An afterschool program for Glenwood Leadership Academy and Caldwell YMCA K-5 students each Wednesday that features Bible stories and enrichment activities. This afterschool program also helps parents to keep kids safe, engaged in positive activities, and be a part of a caring community. 

Give a gift of $66 to equip one student with the I-Ready program for a full year

  • Scholars Academy – Supporting parents with the education of their children by providing weekly tutoring to K-5 students to continue building upon reading and math skills they have developed. 

Give a gift of $500 to provide seed money to start one child’s college fund

  • Kids Zone Baby Scholars – Loving and equipping moms and dads of babies and toddlers in our 16-block area with basic knowledge and relational support. It will also equip parents with tools they need and help them to start a college scholarship for their child! 


Give a gift of $125 to equip a parent

with new skills and strategies to care for their children

  • Peaceful Parenting - Equipping and empowering parents to manage their emotions and provide healthy discipline that supports a child’s social-emotional well-being. 

Give a gift of $2500 to provide a family one month of wrap-around care

to help them take necessary steps to escape poverty

  • Wrap-Around Care - Equipping and empowering adults to acquire new skills and improve their opportunities for employment and a healthy lifestyle. 

Any amount you give helps to make ministry possible.

  • Ministry - Loving individuals and families with the compassionate love of Jesus Christ.  We can’t do this work life changing work without you!

other ways to give


Donate snacks to our

after-school programs 


Donate clothing to

our Clothing Bank

We accept men's, women's and kids clothing and shoes

Donations are accepted 

9am - 4pm 

Mondays, Thursdays, and  Fridays


There are multiple areas to volunteer based on your passions and gifts.


Click below to find out more about our programs.


We always need books for our library!

You can drop off your books 9am - 4pm

Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays

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